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Decorations in a Mansion Zip 4 by WDWParksGal-Stock Decorations in a Mansion Zip 4 by WDWParksGal-Stock
My sister lives in a house that is four levels and a mere 13,000 square feet. Since I've had a digital camera for only five years, the Christmas decorations that cover a little over half of the main floor are all the digital pictures I have. I can, at some point, scan in photos of the outside of the house and other rooms. There are seven bedrooms, two of which are suites, nine bathrooms, many televisions, a ballroom on the top level, as well as having a rather extensive outdoor area.

The house is divided into and East and West wing. Separate staircases are located on either side of the house. There is a really nice hallway with loads of windows that connects the two wings.

This zip pack contains pictures of the Family Room and the Bar Area. There is a blank spot in half of the area that used to have a pool table. It may have been moved to the lower level. I didn't check. Two of the Christmas Trees can be seen in this area. The bar is very fancy and has a sink, frig, loads of glass and mirrors and high stools. There is a fireplace in the family area, a big-screen TV and two smaller ones above. One of the sets of steps can be seen in one of the pictures. The Fireplace has its own Zip File along with the Fireplace in the living room.

Zip File. Download for full-sized stock pictures. If used, feel free to send a link and it will be faved and added to a share journal.
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July 19, 2010
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